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Industry 4.0 has long been reality for DREISTERN. We call it Roll Forming 4.0 or RF4.0 for short. After presenting our innovative developments over the past few years, we are now pleased to be able to present the latest evolutionary steps to you. We are no longer "only" talking about our intelligent stands, which can now be supplied wirelessly or motor-adjustably if desired, but more and more about a general, intelligent roll forming process that, with our new assistance system, a motor-adjustable welding table and a new development of our straightening device, is even more gained milestones.


DREISTERN assistance system

The overarching goal of an intelligent roll forming system is a better control of the forming process through the use of specifically integrated sensors and the data obtained from them. These measured values ​​help decisively to develop and implement helpful assistance systems. Be curious about the current status of the DREISTERN assistance system.


Motorized adjustable welding table

Our intelligent, motor-adjustable welding table independently monitors process forces. He determines whether, for example, changes have occurred in the distance between the strip edges, which affects the weld seam quality. The corresponding force measuring technology is integrated in the welding table. In this way, even and flat weld seams can be produced. In addition to the automatic adjustability of the welding rollers, the welding process can also be monitored continuously and sensitively. In this way, our customers can quickly identify and rectify possible errors at any time.


Intelligent DREISTERN straightening device + new app

Straightening devices have been established in roll forming systems for a long time. Its basic function is to compensate for any deviations in the longitudinal geometry, in particular horizontal and vertical arching and torsion.

The aim of the new, intelligent straightening device from DREISTERN is to immediately recognize changes in the production process, to draw the operator's attention to the need for action and to provide information on the cause of the problem and on how to rectify the error. However, an essential aspect with regard to GREEN ROLL FORMING by DREISTERN is also to avoid material waste in the form of scrap minimization.

A special app has also been developed to control the straightening device, which we will present.



We have developed a new, programmable logic controller for our systems. The standardization of our PLC that was carried out in this way ensures future security through a modern programming method. The new software is protected, but our customers can still carry out their own individual extensions if required using the CustomerInterface.

In addition to the programming features, the Human Machine Interface has also been revised. For example, the visualization of the HMI has received modern icons and pictograms that enable ergonomic work and intuitive operations. In addition, the latest maintenance and service tools are integrated and a SafetyDeviceOverview has been individually adapted to the system layout in order to ensure that safety devices are localized quickly.


In addition to the innovations that we see under the heading RF4.0, there are other exciting and interesting exhibits that we will be presenting at EuroBLECH.


Skin-pass stand that can be retrofitted

The primary purpose of skin-passing cold-rolled steel strips is to achieve a constant temperature under high rolling forces

to produce a constant thickness and a smooth strip surface. This is absolutely necessary for the production of precision profiles. This process significantly improves the quality of the strap and guarantees the functionality of the end product.

In addition to the process-integrated skin-pass stations that have been developed and produced in-house for years, DREISTERN now also has a self-sufficient and therefore retrofittable variant in its product range.

In addition to a compact design, it has automatic strip thickness monitoring and regulation of the specified setpoint. It improves the strip surface roughness depending on the starting and roll surface (Rz<1), as well as strip thickness tolerance and process reliability. A material gain of up to 5% is possible!


Compact base

With the design and development of a new compact substructure, which also allows the use oft he DREISTERN multifunctional roll forming technology, we offer our customers a price-optimized version.


Update SERVICES4.0

Driving innovation is one thing, constantly improving existing things is another. Therefore, we would like to present our SERVICES4.0 to you again in detail at the EuroBLECH and bring them closer to you.

Replace, retrofit, modernize and service. These are the keywords that summarize our extensive services. Whether it is an urgently needed spare part or a major modernization of your profiling system - our aim is to minimize your downtimes as far as possible and to ensure that your system can produce in the desired quality and quantity.


DREISTERN has been working on the constant improvement of roll forming processes for more than 7 decades. We are happy to present these and our focus topics to our long-standing customers and those who want to become one in a personal meeting at EuroBLECH.

Visit and discuss with us. Let us share in your thoughts, reflections and plans. Benefit from our expert knowledge and excellent industry knowledge and last but not least from our core competence - the roll forming of profiles.

We look forward to seeing you at EuroBLECH in Hanover, Hall 27, Stand G60.


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