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Your industry is our industry

Suited for small lot size or large production runs

Our engineers' have technical expertise in many industries which utilzie roll forming technologies. Their industry specific knowledge translates immediate benefits throughout the implementation of your roll forming system. ROI's are typically realized iin a short time, but vary depending on industry and project.

Automotive and Transport

State-of-the-art technologies optimized for maximum safety and throughput, while maintaining a cost effective investment. 

Using our roll forming technology, your products will run smoothly, regardless of whether you are producing profiles for the automotive, rail, or aviation sectors. For example, use of our roll forming machines means you will benefit from reduced component weights through optimized part design and the use of high strength or exotic materials while your production will fulfill the latest design requirements.

Construction industry

Market leaders for many of the challenging profiles in the construction industry rely on the dependability and durability of our roll forming machines. The Dreistern "Start Stop®" technology offers the opportunity for multiple in line processes including: Welding, Punching, Threaded Inserts, Crimping, CNC Programmable length change, to name a few.


Electrical industry

Innovative profile developments for the growth of strong market positions

Many market leaders in the electrical industry produce their profiles for a wide range of applications on our roll forming systems. With new innovative products, which have been developed on the basis of our extensive knowledge in roll forming technologies for the electrical industry, you will be successful in maintaining and expanding your market position.


Storage and logistics

Optimal combination of high quality and exceptional productivity

From the simple and inexpensive roll forming system for household and lightweight racks up to the highly-flexible and fully automated roll forming system for shop and industrial racks, we always provide you the optimized manufacturing system for your application. Consequently, you benefit from the high productivity of our roll forming systems.


Furniture industry

Custom designed and manufactured systems for the furniture industry

Leading furniture manufacturers produce their roll formed components on Dreistern equipment. Manufacturers partner with Dreistern on development and design of new product ressulting in a cost effective solution. 


Roll forming plants

The world's top custom roll forming plants utilize Dreistern's roll forming equipment.

Custom roll former's face distinctive challenges from their clients. They are expected to meet rigid tolerances and high production rates. Dreistern thrives on challenging applications. We are uniquely positioned to help custom roll formers produce the most complicated profiles.


Contact our roll forming experts

Each process has its own special technological requirements, which is why your company too will have its own special questions about roll forming machines and processes: Our roll forming experts have the answers you need!

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